At Tranquil Designs we are committed to transforming your dreams and our design concepts into reality. We provide you with multiple floor plans, illustrating the best ways to maximize your space. Our detailed budget spreadsheet includes furniture selections at various price points and helps you decide where to make key investments while staying within budget. Tranquil Designs services include worry-free order processing and tracking, working with vendors and contractors, and overseeing delivery and installation.

Are you more attracted to a traditional look or something more modern? Do you like somber colors or a more whimsical feel with bright colors or pastels? If you have a particular style in mind, Deri can help you realize your vision. If you are not sure, owner Deri Washington will help you find the perfect style to suit your taste and your budget. An experienced professional designer can create a feeling of unity and uniqueness within the same space.

Our personalized approach at Tranquil Designs helps our customers balance their needs and preferences to achieve the best overall design possible. Call us today and let us make your dream come true.